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André Che Isse

Dancer, Choreographer, Painter

 I created a dance of pictorial images;
researching body plasticity and the geometric contour of each limbs.
After 16 years of dance practice, I wanted to bind my thoughts on to the canvas.
I found a technique which translated the muscular tone of the human body:
The cord sewn on a fabric chassis allows me to reveal the choreographic plasticity in its own matter and in its geometric perimeter of thread.
An Ariadnes’ thread which ties and weaves my dance on to the canvas.
Plasticity as the gesture of the oracle;
Geometry as the very first construction of the world;
Matter as human body.
 In the beginning, the movement was fixed on canvas as a maze of embossed cord.
The first abstract figures came thus to life, uterus for the dancers created at the beginning of the new Millennium – the first dancers as bas-relief of cord sewn on antique fabric.
My dancers on canvas are the projections of my dance, of my plastic thoughts, of the man free to dance Life.
I then turned the dancers on: the light behind the canvas made the soul visible thus expressing the creator’s own labyrinth.
Labyrinth as manifold paths of cord in a geometric construction, a plan view architecture, infinite rooms of the mind arranged in complex connections, synapses, like vanishing points in a Renaissance painting.
Two different artistic creations in just one canvas: with a sloping frontal light the essential and monochrome sculpture of the dancer is revealed; with a backlight, the brushes’ woofs, conjugated to the thread architecture, are disclosed.
The vision becomes epiphany, apparition, concretization of the pictorial act: soul and thoughts intertwined to the gaze.
It is an alchemic transmutation: from the matter-bas-relief of the cord to the gold of the light, unveiling the soul, projecting the mind.
In the middle of a black stage, the dancer makes a gesture of light to create a new world, drawing it, moulding it, blossoming like a flower projected into space.
This is the genesis of my clay flowers, real branches sewn onto canvas; a pure graphic gesture: body-tree, dancing trees.
My body is like a sculpture through a pictorial thought which translates the dancer’s gesture into the depicted gesture.
The idea of movement originates from my body and translates into the canvas. It then reappears in my live performances at the vernissage.
The exhibitions become live events where I dance in front of my canvas thus concretizing my path:

Dance, painting and live music come all together to participate in the spell of the revelation.

From 1996 to 2011 – 20 solo exhibitions (14 with live performance)

2011:   Spazio Tadini, Milano –
            27th October – 11th November Solo exhibition and live performance
2010:   Spazio Tadini, Milano –
Group Show: ‘Nativity’
2006:             Galleria Annovi Arte Contemporanea, Sassuolo (Modena) –
            28th September – 5th November Solo exhibition
            20 canvas + 2 live events with 3 performances each with live music
‘His works – as choreographer and painter – are astounding and voluptuous’  Janus (6th of June 2010)

Beauty is in the amazement of the gesture, which passes through the eye of the Atavic form, thus sawing the breath of the cogitum in the first day of the world.
                        André Che Isse

André Che Isse
Via dei Servi, 35 – 41121 Modena
tel + 39 059-242432

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